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Flexible Supplemental Programs: Books, eLearning, Mobile Apps & VideosLumos StepUp Mobile App now available for Android & iOS! Grades 3-8, Full-length Practice Tests, Math & Language Arts, Learn Anytime, Anywhere. And, it’s completely FREE!Proven Methodology: Greater Newark Charter School (K12) boosts Math Proficiency by 15.4%. Liberty Corner Elementary Increases Language Arts Literacy Proficiency by 16%.Improves Student Achievement In Standardized Tests and Classrooms

Write Better Stories and Essays

Lumos Learning - Online Summer Program
  • Creative ideas and tips
  • Practical pointers to improve writing skills
  • Analysis of student written essays and stories
  • Explore different writing techniques
  • Recognize common mistakes in writing
  • Common Core State Standards aligned

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What makes Lumos Learning effective?

Lumos Learning program, which includes Books, eLearning, Mobile Apps & Videos, was developed by expert teachers to help K12 students succeed in classrooms and on Standardized tests. It includes hundreds of practice questions, a diagnostic test, additional practice tests in Math & Language Arts that are designed as per PARCC and Smarter Balanced.

We developed this program adhering to the Common Core State Standards. The practice questions and tests were carefully designed to meet the standardized test requirements. This focused approach helps students learn and master grade-level skills, avoid test-taking mistakes and improve their scores.

The online course provides immediate feedback. This helps students immediately recognize mistakes, while the material is still fresh in their minds. Colorful and engaging materials and activities appeal to young learners.

Each students work is carefully tracked throughout the entire program. Easy-to-use reports help educators identify weak areas and tailor personalized learning plans for each child. Teachers can work with students and parents to create a plan that best fits each students needs.

Students practice when it is convenient for them. All they need is a computer with internet access. Students can use the program for a full year, including the summer.

Lumos Learning allows students to prepare at a pace that is right for the individual student. This self-paced approach, combined with instant feedback creates success and leads to greater confidence.

We have competitive and flexible pricing. Organizations can purchase packages based on the needs of their student community.

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