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Lumos StepUp® - A Yearlong Learning Resource

Give your Child the Lumos Advantage This Back To School Season!

Key Benefits:

  • Bridge Course: Review of previous grade
    + Next Grade Skills Practice
  • Fifteen Technology-enhanced Item Types
  • Parent Portal: To review the online work of your child
  • Student Portal: For self-paced and focused practice
  • Teacher-recommended apps, books & other resources
  • Advanced and immediate real-time progress reports
  • Compatible with all devices

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What does StepUp® offer?

Lumos StepUp® connects you to online workbooks and practice tests using a number of devices, including android phones, iPhones, tablets and personal computers. The Lumos Online Workbooks are designed to promote year-long learning. It is a simple program that students can securely access using a computer with Internet access. The workbooks consist of hundreds of grade-appropriate questions based on the new Common Core State Standards. Students will get instant feedback and can review their answers anytime. Each student’s answers and progress can be reviewed by parents and educators to reinforce the learning experience in a collaborative partnership.

Lumos StepUp® Helps Improve Grades

Lumos Learning has helped thousands of students improve their performances in the classroom and on standardized tests. Lumos StepUp® promotes collaborative learning by involving both parents and kids in the learning process. StepUp® is a year long available resource with realistic practice tests and workbooks that are developed as per PARCC guidelines. The courses in this program are aligned with the Common Core State Standards and cover all the key concepts and skills of every grade Level.

“I buy my child the Lumos Program every year and it has made such a difference. Preparation with these courses has always assisted him in getting high scores and given him the opportunity to participate in the Gifted and Talented Program for Math at school.” – Mrs. Williams, Parent

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School Customers

Lumos StepUp is used by several Elementary and Middle Schools

Expert Teachers

Lumos Learning's Expert Teachers

Teacher Testimonial

What Educators Say

“Having a test prep resource that actually looks like the items included on the test could make or break school performance data. I am excited to use the materials with our struggling students to better prepare them for the test.”

Natalie B. McGrath, School Performance/AYP Reading Coach @ Magothy River Middle School (MD)

How will it help?

Lumos StepUp® connects you to online workbooks and practice tests using a number of devices.

Lumos StepUp® is a unique e-Learning component developed by our expert teachers. It is now easy for parents to access Lumos Learning resources with our e-learning program, Lumos StepUp®, for their children in grades 3-8. Lumos StepUp® offers workbooks and practice tests that help students improve their knowledge. The practice tests ensure students understand the basics of CCSS and are prepared for standardized tests. Parents can get immediate feedback about their child’s learning abilities. Students who use Lumos Resources have achieved great results. Since they are developed by expert teachers, they give your child a quality academic support through affordable resources.

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Sample Videos From Our Math Video Program

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What Our Customers Say

“Parents have been requesting materials to help their children prepare for the New Jersey standardized tests, and we are excited to be able to provide this service to them.”

Dr.Elliott, Director, Somerset County Library System

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