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Tools for CCSS Transition and Improving Student Achievement

Our expert teachers have built a learning platform that immensely helps with CCSS implementation. It includes books, eLearning, videos and an authoring resources.

Lumos New Jersey Programs are designed in alignment with the New Common Core State Standards (CCSS). It is an evidence based solution that extends classroom learning and helps schools efficiently meet or exceed ESEA mandates.

Key Benefits

  • Help improve student achievement on the NJ ASK Tests
  • Track Student Progress on Student Growth Objectives (SGOs)
  • Individualized instruction using 21st Century tools and technology
  • Flexible eLearning platform for teachers to create lessons, worksheets, assessments and monitor student's online work

Video - Innovative Common Core Aligned Supplemental Programs by Lumos Learning

Lumos StepUp™ - Online Study Program

The Lumos StepUp™ helps reinforce the classroom learning experience for children in grades 3-8 through innovative use of technology and individualized instruction. It helps identify students' strengths and weaknesses. Students can get immediate feedback after their practice sessions. Parents and teachers can collaboratively review students' work to gain insights into their progress and to help them improve in their challenging areas. The process creates a collaborative learning platform for students, parents and teachers that is available all through the year.
Take a look at Lumos StepUp™ Math and English Language Arts eLearning Programs in our store.


  • Easy Access to high quality CCSS aligned content
  • Focus on Common Core State Standards Curriculum and NJ ASK Tests
  • Accelerates ESEA Compliance
  • Interactive and kid - friendly
  • Useful assessments to guide teaching
  • Convenient and available year round, at any time of day
  • Teacher/Administrator Portal - to review online work of students.
Lumos StepUp for New Jersey Schools

* We offer special discounts for Multiple Grade and Year subscriptions.

Lumos StepUp™ Online Study Programs
Lumos StepUp - Grade 3 Math
Lumos StepUp - Grade 3 Language Arts Literacy
Lumos StepUp - Grade 4 Math
Lumos StepUp - Grade 4 Language Arts Literacy
Lumos StepUp - Grade 5 Math
Lumos StepUp - Grade 5 Language Arts Literacy
Lumos StepUp - Grade 6 Math
Lumos StepUp - Grade 6 Language Arts Literacy
Lumos StepUp - Grade 7 Math
Lumos StepUp - Grade 7 Language Arts Literacy
Lumos StepUp - Grade 8 Math
Lumos StepUp - Grade 8 Language Arts Literacy

Lumos tedBook™: NJ ASK 2014

Lumos tedBook™ School Edition: English Language Arts for NJ ASK 2014 Lumos tedBook™ School Edition: Math for NJ ASK 2014
  • 3 Practice Tests similar to the NJ ASK test format
  • Updated to mirror the NEW NJ ASK
  • Adheres to the new Common Core State Standards (CCSS)
  • Answer keys correlated to the standards
  • Includes FREE access to online workbooks with hundreds of practice questions
  • Available for Grade 3 - 8

Check out the NJ ASK Math Books and NJ ASK Language Arts & Literacy Books in our store.

Lumos tedBook™ - Online Worksbooks
Online Workbooks - Grade 3 Math
Online Workbooks - Grade 3 Language Arts Literacy
Online Workbooks - Grade 4 Math
Online Workbooks - Grade 4 Language Arts Literacy
Online Workbooks - Grade 5 Math
Online Workbooks - Grade 5 Language Arts Literacy
Online Workbooks - Grade 6 Math
Online Workbooks - Grade 6 Language Arts Literacy
Online Workbooks - Grade 7 Math
Online Workbooks - Grade 7 Language Arts Literacy
Online Workbooks - Grade 8 Math
Online Workbooks - Grade 8 Language Arts Literacy

Lumos Quill - Author -> Collaborate -> Approve -> Print -> Administer

Using the Lumos Quill authoring tool and our content framework, teachers and curriculum leads can easily build custom instructions and assessments that are aligned with the CCSS. These custom lessons, quizzes and assessments can be delivered to students in both eLearning and print format.

Visit the Lumos Quill Math and Lumos Quill LAL store page.

  • Helps in creation of custom assessments efficiently
  • Allows collaboration among test authors, teachers and supervisors
  • Print Services: High quality and cost effective printing
  • Online Tests: Flexibility to administer tests online
  • Content Framework: Access to CCSS aligned Lumos question bank


Key Benefits

  • Helps educators create professional assessments quickly
  • Access to high quality CCSS aligned content
  • Supports both print and online deployment

Basic Mathematics and Algebra

This workshop is a collection of interactive, math video lessons delivered in the e-learning format. Explore these Instructional Math Videos in our store.

It includes:

  • About 736 minutes of video instruction!
  • 10 key learning modules covering all the major types of questions (see the table of contents)
  • Printable notes
  • Practice questions
  • Recommended for children in 6th, 7th and 8th grade.
Basic Mathematics & Algebra Videos
Basic Mathematics 1 - Numbers - Classification and Sets
Basic Mathematics 2 - Numbers - Equalities and Inequalities
Basic Mathematics 3 - Numbers - Operations on Numbers
Basic Mathematics 4 - Numbers - Properties of Numbers
Basic Mathematics 5 - Numbers - Factors, Multiples and Divisibility
Basic Mathematics 6 - Fractions
Basic Mathematics 7 - Units of Measurement
Algebra - Introduction
Algebra - Formulas from Geometry
Algebra - Solving Linear Equations